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Social Opportunities

Opportunities based on a person-centered approach!

Sports Opportunities

Spa & Therapy


About Soho

SoHo Art Studio and Gallery in Hibbing where employees work in fully equipped graphic arts studio creating and duplicating original artwork. Artists also work with several commercial endeavors including retail sales.
In early 1997, a unique program at Range Center, Inc. called SoHo Arts, introduced individuals with both physical and cognitive disabilities to a world of communication through creative expression. While participating in the SoHo Arts program, artists with disabilities learn drawing, painting, and printmaking techniques. In the wider cultural community, SoHo Artists have participated in grant-funded art projects and art events and are increasingly visible in the arts community. Most importantly, self-perception of the artists as creative individuals with unique viewpoints and abilities has emerged.

Consumer Advisory Council

The Advisory Council meets to discuss ideas and collaborate as a team.